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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  March 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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listening, one more thing, dylan has not completely given up on presents. are you going to make your mom take you to lunch after this? to lunch. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> great job, dylan. happy birthday. impend you. the news keeps coming tonight. shawn is in for brian on the news edge at 11:00. the news edge begins in maryland, a prince george's county county family stunned at at ordinary -- at the verdict in a murder for hire plot. 17-year-old stacy keaton was pregnant when she was shot to death execution style near her home in 2005. today the jury found the accused triggerman not guilty on all charges am fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. >> jarvis tyler was hired to kill stacy keaton. the man who hired tyler is awaiting sentencing, but tyler is going free. justice in the case has been a long time coming.
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outside the county courthouse in upper marlboro prosecutors tried to put their best face on an outcome they did not expect. >> today 's verdict was not what we hoped for, but we do respect the process. >> reporter: nearly seven years ago stacy seton found shot to death in a park near her home in bowie and died to a single gunshot to the back of her head. police arrested mcdonald abraham after witnesses said they heard her say he was going to get seton from stealing drugs and money from his apartment. at the time her mother had this reaction. >> i hope he rots doesn't get out of prison. >> reporter: abraham pleaded guilty last year and cooperating for the prosecution testified yesterday that he paid jarvis tyler $600 in cash and marijuana to kill seton and yet the jury did not find tyler guilty. >> we have to present the evidence that we have. it was done in a very compelling fashion. we never know from one case to
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the next what is in the mind of a jury. >> and the community needs to have confidence that we will try the difficult cases. otherwise criminals will feel like if they can hide some evidence or get away with something, then they can thwart justice of. >> reporter: seton's parents did not want to comment on camera but released a statement to fox 5. her mother gale said she is very disappointed in the justice system. she said we've waited almost seven years for justice for stacy and stacy was denied justice. dna doesn't lie she said and it's not that we think he's guilty. we know he's guilty. stacy's father michael seton said i think it shocked a lot of people and we knew this was always a possibility. we tried to get reaction tonight from jarvis tyler and his family. they refused to comment, but his defense attorney keith showstack said it was a difficult for both sides. he said the jury determined there was not enough evidence to find his client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and he said his heart goes out to
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the seton family. back to you, shawn. police in laurel hope this video leads to the arrest of a hit and run driver. a metrobus dashcam caught what happened yesterday afternoon as a man was walking along route 198. suddenly a white pickup truck swerved, hitted pedestrian, he was critically hurt and left for dead. the driver kept going. police say it's likely the driver knew he hit someone. >> knowing that he hit someone and sent him down an embankment 30 feet, it's definitely surprising. it could have been an accident, but we don't know because they decided not to stop and continued on. >> police believe the truck is an f250 pickup with a super cab and extended bed. its model year is between 2005 and 2007. take a close look. police still have not identified the victim and they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. another big story we're following tonight, maryland has become the eighth state in the country to legalize gay marriage. governor martin o'malley signed
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the bill into law this afternoon, but opponents are not giving up. fox 5's bob barnard has more from annapolis. >> reporter: this was a historic day here in annapolis capped by an evening reception at the governor's mansion about a block from here, but the real story of this day took place right there in the state capitol. governor martin o'malley signed the civil marriage protection act of 2012 into law just after 5:00 in the rotunda of the statehouse with hundreds on hand for the bill signing ceremony. >> for a free and diverse people, for a people of many faiths, for a people committed to the principle of religious freedom, the way forward is always found through greater respect for the equal rights of all. >> reporter: in this audience scores of same sex couples, some married in other states. >> this is unquestionably
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exciting. tonight we're celebrating our 15 year anniversary. >> reporter: over the past two weeks the maryland house and senate voted to legalize same sex marriage. delegates had failed to do so just last year. >> it was just a matter of time. some people came around. it's a process where people have to look with inside themselves to figure out what's right and in this case enough people did and we've got a great day to celebrate today. >> this is amazing. it's kind of like a family reunion of sorts and we're just really hopeful that this is a good day in maryland, a good start for us and we know that there's more work to do. >> reporter: that's because those opposed to same sex marriage are vowing to collect the more than 55,000 signatures required to put the issue to a referendum in november. >> people have to work really hard to get this on the ballot. this is no easy task. >> reporter: the issue is being fought over in the courts as well. >> now that's going on in the federal level with the case in california and there are many cases here in maryland that are
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percolating as well that could go to the court of appeals. all courts will find that the prohibition against same sex marriage violates the equal protection clause of the united states constitution. so ultimately we'll have same sex marriage in every state in the country. >> reporter: that is maryland attorney general doug gansler's opinion. first things first, that november referendum and the latest poll shows marylanders evenly split on this issue. bob barnard, fox 5 news. now to the campaign trail, gas prices continue to rise and your pain at the pump is taking the spot plight on the trail. president obama spent the day in an election battle ground state promoting his plans to boost domestic energy production, but his gop rivals say the president is part of the problem, not the solution. they're now working to shore up support ahead of next week's super tuesday contest. fox 5's jennifer davis with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: as gas prices take center stage in the election, president obama tours
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a new hampshire college auto shop and brings his energy message to a small state with a big election impact. >> anybody who tells you that we can just drill our way out of this problem does not know what they're talking about or they're not telling you the truth. >> reporter: the president said his policies have lowered u.s. dependence on foreign oil. he pushed his long term wide ranging plan to bring more relief and said it should start with congress repealing billions in oil subsidies. >> i'm asking congress eliminate this oil industry give-away right away. >> this is a president who does not understand energy. >> reporter: and a stop in fargo north dakota mitt romney said president obama is responsible for problems at the pump because he's hatcherring u.s. energy production. >> when someone says -- hampering u.s. energy production. >> when someone says do you want to bring in a pipeline that's going to bring tens of thousands of jobs to bring in an oil line from canada, how could you say no, but did he? >> reporter: newt gingrich piled on the criticism saying gas prices could be lowered to $2.50 a gallon if his advice
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was followed. >> fire secretary chu, open the pipeline, open the gulf, open alaska of. >> reporter: meantime santorum says he's the conservative voters should listen to now. >> georgia would be a huge, huge state on election. >> reporter: georgia is expected to have a big impact on super tuesday not only because it has the most delegates up for grabs that day, but also because gingrich has said his homestate could make or break his campaign. in northwest jennifer davis, fox 5 news. conservative blogger and strategist andrew breitbart has died. according to his website brietbart collapsed while walking near his home in california and died of natural causes. he was best known for publicizing those lewd photos by anthony weiner. he was 43 years old and leaves behind a wife and four children. a convicted rapist will now spend the rest of his life in prison, everwhere at 11:00.
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>> timothy buzbee sentenced today in montgomery county for rape committed in the 1970s. he pleaded guilty to three counts of first degree rape after being connected to them through dna. buzbee had been serving time forays in the aspen hill area. -- for rapes in the aspen hill area. john edwards goes on trial in april. the judge said jury selection begins april 12th. edwards is accused of using campaign money in his 2008 presidential bid to comp an extramarital affair. the trial was -- to cover up an extramarital affair. the trial was delayed due to edwards' health problems. students home schooled will not be allowed to play public sports. the tebow bill was rejected today. he was home schooled but still played on his high school team in florida. critics say not requiring all students to meet the samiel generality standards is unfair -- the same eligibility standards sun fair. coming up why ride -- is
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unfair. coming up why riding metro is a little bit safer these days and how to opt out of google's privacy policy. here's a look at some of the other stories on our rundown tonight. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. fw? @
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google launched its brand-
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new privacy policy today. it allows the internet's most powerful company to dig even deeper into the lives of more than 1 billion users, but as fox 5's allison seymour explains, there are ways to opt out. >> reporter: we've been tidying up a little. in this promotional video google explains how the web giant is streamlining its privacy policy across platforms from g mail to youtube to google plus to provide what it calls a more personalized experience. >> it means if you're signed in, they'll treat you as a single user across all of our products. some of the biggest concerns about google consolidating its privacy policies is that what does google know about me now? they can see my e-mail and what i search for and what videos i look at. google knows so much about me. what are they doing with that information? >> reporter: one thing they'll reportedly do with the info, customize advertising allowing google to target ads to users based on their interest. the new policy is getting mixed reaction from users. >> i think google does a
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fantastic job of notifying people when there are privacy updates. they always have little things in google plus and g mail that remind me they're updating their settings. i don't think the average user will notice any big difference. >> the internet companies that are in a position to profit from people's information are wanting to take more and more control over it. i'm suspicious and would like to opt out of it. >> reporter: you can essentially opt out of the new policy by manually deleting your google web history or by simply not signing into sites like g mail when searching on google. >> we as consumers have to fundamentally trust that people like google, microsoft, whoever it is have our best interest at heart and if you fundamentally do not trust them, then you shouldn't be using their services. it's as as that. as-- it's as as that. a major bank is experimenting with a brand-new type of fee. back to laura evans with your fox 5 top five.
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>> new fees could be coming for bank of america customers. no. 5, the banking giant has been experimenting with new checking account fees in arizona, georgia and massachusetts. customers there pay six to nine bucks a month for basic checking. bank online or keep a minimum balance to avoid the fee, no word when or if the fees will apply to all customers. no. 4, heads up, street sweeping is beginning in the district starting today. if you're parked in a sweeping zone during certain hours, you will get a $30 ticket. look for the signs posted on residential streets. no. 3, now is your chance to get tickets to the annual white house easter egg roll. you can sign up for the ticket lottery online now through monday morning. winners will be announced march 12th. the easter egg roll is april 9th. no. 2, it's cherry blossom time, the best dates to catch the blossoms announced today. the chief horticulturalist for the natural park service predicts between march 24th and
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march 31st for peak bloom. no. 1 tonight, serious metro crime down, a new report from the transit agency showing there were nearly 1,900 serious crimes in 2010. that's compared to more than 2,200 the previous year. crimes on buses, in parking lots and motor vehicle thefts hit a five-year low last year and that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> in the top five we mentioned the cherry blossom festival. the way the weather was today has got me thinking spring, beautiful out there. >> so much good stuff that happens in march. one week from sunday daylight savings time when we set the clocks back. >> i love it. >> the sun doesn't go now until after 6:00, a lot of positive signs, signs of spring, even the street cleaning. tonight in silver spring people are enjoying this evening. it was 70 degrees today, but when the sun goes down in early march, it gets kind of chilly quickly, but found some brave souls with only light jackets
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enjoying downtown silver spring area. boy, that's a fun area. i was just there saturday night and really enjoyed myself. it's just packed with people night after night there. they revitalized silver spring, so a fun place to hang out and a lot of people were out and about tonight, starting to look like not just spring but a summertime night in d.c., isn't it? i've got to tell you not nearly as warm tonight lasts night where we briefly touched 60 degrees overnight before dropping back down. we're at 47 degrees now. there will be spots in the 30s tonight and also heads up because there was so much rain yesterday and the skies are clear, we could sigh a little fog around later tonight -- see a little fog around later tonight. more cold temperatures to our north but nothing very bitter and raleigh still is at 67 degrees. there could be a bit of fog later tonight, nothing to warrant an advisory, but it will get chilly, 30s for the suburbs, 42 degrees for the district. tomorrow we start out nice and bright, a lot of sunshine, but as early as noon you'll notice
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clouds coming in. they chicken up quickly and by -- thicken up quickly and by 3:00 to maybe 5:00 we'll have showers back. we start sunny and end wet tomorrow, our temperature 59 degrees. we could get a thunderstorm in the mix in overnight hours friday. we don't have it at 8 a.m., 46 with the sunshine, noon clouds are just on the increase, temperature 57 and by 5:00 i think this kind of starts with some showers at 55. overnight and certainly into saturday it's possible there could be a thunderstorm. here's the weekend. saturday is mostly morning rain and maybe fairly early rain at that and how about a 6:00 rumble of thunder? best chance might be just south of d.c. it's a strong front that blows through town saturday with a big breeze drops our temperature sunday to 53 which will have some clouds around but definitely cooler and we keep those cooler temperatures going into monday and tuesday of next week as well. we'll be watching this part of the country later tonight and tomorrow for the beginning of a
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storm system that will probably produce more severe weather for the same areas that got hit tuesday and wednesday. this yellow area indicates a moderate risk from parts of indiana and ohio down through kentucky and tennessee. we are not outlooked for severe storms here, but we could have a thunderstorm with gusty winds. friday is wet, start maybe with showers and thunderstorms saturday. that's quickly out of here, sunday 53 and monday and tuesday in the upper 40s. so no 70s on this map. hope you enjoyed it while you, can but tomorrow won't be too bad. that is weather. but lindsay has more on nats, everybody getting excited for baseball this year. >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. an hello, everybody. zimmerman likes to fly under the radar, something that will be easy this season given the talent and depth on the pitching staff, but nothing he does goes unnoticed. last year 25-year-old zimmerman
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returned from tommy johns surgery and pitched well, his 3.18 e.r.a. led the team. he struck out 1204 batters. he was shut down -- struck out 124 batters. he was shut down after 160 innings. jordan knows how he can improve on his 8 had been 11 record this season. >> -- 8-11 record this season. >> if i could change one thing, it would be focusing a little more towards the end of the game. 6th, 7th inning seems multiple time i'd give up on two-run home runs, key base hits, got to buckle down more and make a better pitch. >> he didn't get a lot of run support last year either. the wizards have had a rough season, hit with injuries, a coaching strange and struggled for success on the coat. flip saunders tried his best to right the ship with very little success and now randy whitman trying his hand at taming a young team. are these players interested in changing that? last night javale mcgee and nick young started on the bench against the magic.
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mcgee played 16 minutes and scored nine points. he was benched the previous game for not playing at the level the coach wanted. mcgee said i can't say i, do but i'm sure i'll figure it out at some point after being asked if he was getting the point of being on the bench. >> i don't know if i'm sending messages. i'm coaching. that's what i'm doing. that's what it's called in our business is coaching and there's no subliminal messages here that somebody has to figure through. it's coaching. they know. each player, it's not javale. it's not any one. it's all 14 of them. they know where think stand. >> you got the message? time for a short break. coming up frustrations boil over as hoop season winds down. we'll sell you who got -- tell you who got kicked when we come
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welcome back. congrats to brian mason named the caa player of the year and also to maryland's alyssa thomas who is the acc player of the year and virginia hosting florida state in the home finale. watch the outlet pass. volaris and the seminoles bernard james collide and james kicks harris and is called for a flagrant 2 foul which means he was ejected. final seconds tied at 60, ian miller dribbles to his right, pulls up to win the game. it is good.
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the three with less than a second to go, fsu beats uva63- 60. elsewhere virginia tech at clemson, we'll start the final seconds. the hokies down two. there's a foul in the lane with 2.2 seconds left. the first float is free-throw is -- the first free-throw is missed and the hokies fall to clemson 58-66. saturday at noon it's wake forest at georgia tech followed by boston college at miami at 2:30 and sunday maryland hosting virginia at 2 p.m. the 1st round of the honda classic starts with takoma park native fred funk. he blasts out of the bunker and look at that, gets it to fall for a birdie. the former maryland golf coach shot a 7-over 76, but heck, he's still excited and why not? tiger woods started out pretty strong. the very first hole he rolls in in the 19-foot birdie putt, but
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he would never go lower. we'll show you tying other 12, a 5-footer for par slips out. he finishes with a 1-over 71 seven shots behind the leader davis love, iii. that's all for sports, but the news edge will be right back. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte, america's fastest 4g network. share your pictures, stream hd videos and movies. all on your tv. or connect your 4g lte droid razr to the lapdock and unleash its massive computing power. even seamlessly video chat. all powered by the 4g lte droid razr. droid razr by motorola, just $199.99. and back for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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